Banana Mashed Fish Recipe

Banana Mashed Fish Recipe

The plantain is very popular in Brazil and is a versatile ingredient in many dish preparations! It can be fried, breaded, boiled, roasted, can be accompanied by stews and moquecas, even.

In this recipe, we will present the plantain in the form of a puree that can be served as a side dish for fish! With a slightly sweet flavor, this puree is delicious with the stew made with butter and onion that we will teach you.

Want to learn how to prepare this quick and delicious plantain mashed fish recipe? Follow now here at TudoReceitas the step by step of this puree that will conquer you!

Ingredients for making mashed plantain for fish:

 3 plantains (about 500 g)

 2½ tablespoons of butter

 ½ chopped onion

 1½ cups of filtered water (approximately)

 ½ lemon

 Salt and black pepper to taste)

How to make mashed plantain for fish:

Separate all the necessary ingredients to prepare your plantain puree.

Tip: It is important that the bananas are well ripe so that your puree has a lot of flavor and a good texture!

Peel the plantains, cut them into medium slices and drop lemon drops on them. Reserve.

In a medium saucepan, heat the butter and add the chopped onion, sauteing until the onion wilts a little.

Add the plantain slices, season with salt and pepper and fill with the reserved water, partially covering the bananas.

Let the bananas cook until soft, without letting the water dry.

Turn off the heat and in the pan, with the help of a mixer, beat all the ingredients until the puree is creamy and homogeneous.

If you don't have a mixer, no problem. Remove the bananas from the pan and mash them with a fork. Then return the bananas to the pan and mix with the rest of the ingredients. That way you'll have a more rustic puree!

Add salt and pepper, if necessary, and serve your plain plantain puree in a bowl, as an accompaniment to a baked, grilled or fried fish! It will be delicious! We hope you enjoyed the recipe and have a good appetite.

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